Welcome to Youth CLIC!

Welcome to this website. We have designed it especially for young people in Hong Kong.
Here we hope you will find many useful materials explaining the law, and your rights and obligations under the law.

New layout for YouthCLIC

YouthCLIC has new layout! It is easier to browse and search various offences, videos and useful information now.
New topic: Cyberbullying

Does cyberbullying involve criminal offences? How to respond to cyberbullying? Please feel free to visit our new topic under “Common offences” to know more about cyberbullying.
Free Liberal Studies teaching materials

YouthCLIC has collaborated with the Faculty of Education of the HKU to develop a set of Liberal Studies teaching pack for secondary school students based on the contents of the website. Please here here to download the teaching pack for free (Chinese version only).
HKU Clinical Legal Education Centre

The Faculty of Law of University of Hong Kong runs a Free Legal Advice Scheme on campus under the Duty Lawyer Service. For more details, please click here.
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