Youth CLIC wishes to acknowledge and thank the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government for its sponsorship and valuable contribution to the establishment and the initial maintenance of this website.

Youth CLIC would also like to thank the following organizations and persons who have provided reference materials or information, or/and have contributed in some way to the production of Youth CLIC:

Consultants, writers and editors:

Mr. Anthony Roy Upham
Mr. Samuel Yip Chung Him
Mr. Hayson Ka-sze Tse
Mr. Michael Peer

Video Production:

Mr. William So
Mr. Wong Yui Kuen
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Centre for International Degree Programmes, HKU SPACE
Mr. Cheung Ka Ki Frankie
HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School
Musical Drama Troupe, HKTAYY3
Publication and Public Relation, HKTAYY3

Mr. Leung Tung Yuen
Mr. Lai Chun Kit
Ms. Wong Yuk Ling
Ms. Hung Wai Chung

Participating students:

Chan Lok Kan
Chan Wai
Cheng Kwan Lam
Cheng Siu Kwan
Cheng Yuen Lam
Cheung Yat Kan
Choi Po Yee
Chong Ching Ying
Chow Yat Fung
Kan Pui Li
Lau Chun Yin
Leung Chik Wan
Ma Man Wai
Mak Ho Hin Aaron
Ng Hoi Yan
Poon Wai Man
Wong Hei Laam
Yip Ching Yin
Yip Wai Yin

University Health Service, The University of Hong Kong

Information providers:

Youth and Community Service, Caritas Hong Kong
Hong Kong Judiciary
The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Personal Data, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department

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