1. Basic Legal Knowledge

  2. Procedures during criminal hearings

  3. Juvenile Court

  4. Arresting procedure, my rights and obligations

  5. Free or subsidized legal assistance

  6. Protection for victims

  7. Punishment and sentencing options

  8. Criminal records and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance

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Legal Aid Scheme for criminal cases

Legal Aid Scheme for criminal cases is run by the Legal Aid Department. The Legal Aid Department will assign qualified solicitors or barristers in private practice to provide legal representation in criminal cases to eligible defendants in Hong Kong (whether the person is a Hong Kong resident or non-resident):

  1. for all cases tried in the District Court or the High Court;
  2. for appeals against conviction or sentence passed by a Magistrate or a judge of the District Court or High Court (including further appeals to the Court of Final Appeal); and
  3. for committal proceedings in the Magistrates Courts.

For more details about the Legal Aid Scheme for criminal cases, please visit the Legal Aid Department's webpage at http://www.lad.gov.hk/eng/home/home.html or telephone 2537 7677 (24-hour interactive voice processing system) or 2537 7661 (Headquarters).

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